The Arkansas ACLU announced today that Holly Dickson, who’s been interim director since Rita Sklar’s retirement in 2019, has been named permanent executive director.

She’s been legal director of the ACLU chapter for 14 years.


The news release notes:

As Legal Director for the ACLU of Arkansas for 14 years, Dickson directed the legal program for the organization, advocating for rights and overseeing cases involving free speech and expression, freedom of religion, discrimination, police abuse, racial profiling, voting rights, immigrants’ rights, education, reproductive liberty and other constitutional and civil liberties.

The victories achieved under her leadership include: successfully challenging a ballot measure that would have prevented LGBTQ people from adopting children, blocking numerous abortion bans and restrictions, striking down laws that criminalize poverty such as panhandling bans, and ending the shackling of pregnant women in state prisons.

There seems to be no end to rights infringement in Arkansas. And another legislative session is just around the corner.