State Sen. Joyce Elliott, the Democratic challenger to incumbent 2nd District Republican Rep. French Hill has released her first TV ad buy, said to be a “six-figure” purchase.


It touches on her background and Hill’s vote for the millionaires’ tax cut and Republicans’ yen to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Said Elliott’s release:


Elliott stated, “I am proud to share my life story and show how it motivated my decades-long quest to fight for working people. Making healthcare more affordable, lowering taxes for working people—these are the kinds of common-sense measures I will prioritize in Congress.

“That will be a welcome change from our current Congressman, who time and time again has voted to cut Medicare and Social Security to benefit fellow millionaires and special interest groups.”

Hill’s campaign blasted the ad later for misrepresenting his record. He contends the millionaires’ tax cut bill he supported provided help to working families and that he’d reversed tax policies of the Obama era. Elliott campaign spokesman Neil Goodman fired back: “It’s a shame Congressman Hill doesn’t recognize the economic struggles of middle class families in Central Arkansas—made worse by the lifetime middle class tax increase he voted for. While Congressman Hill ignores the issues and attacks others, Senator Elliott will be focused on finding solutions for Arkansas families.”