The Lincoln Project, backed by prominent anti-Trump Republicans, keeps churning out the ad hits on Donald Trump, such as the one shown here.


But it’s time to turn attention to the latest outlandishly corrupt act by Donald Trump, an act that should be prima facie impeachment material.

This is his attack on the U.S. Postal Service, a popular bedrock of American life, which could fail to deliver mail ballots in the November election if Trump has his way.


Trump is on record (with video) saying he opposes postal service funding because it would help it deliver ballots. His appointee to head the service is already wrecking its delivery capability.

Trump has admitted vote suppression.


Where are the protectors of the American way in the Arkansas congressional delegation?

Looking at French Hill, Steve Womack, Rick Crawford, Bruce Westerman, John Boozman and, most of all, Tall Talking Tom Cotton. Will this stand with them?

Sure. Republicans are trying to hamper mail voting (and in-person voting by the wrong sorts of Americans) all over the United States. Openly admitting it is a rare burst of honesty.

The hypocrisy is in full view, too. Trump has applied for an absentee ballot to vote by mail in Florida.


UPDATE: A reader reminds me of Sen. Boozman’s proud sponsorship of creating a historic trail along the route of the Butterfield Overland Trail. It was a 3,000-mile route over which the Butterfied Overland Mail Co. carried mail under federal government contract from 1858 to 1861. Ah but that’s when the government was in the business of delivering mail. I wonder how long it took a stagecoach to deliver a ballot in Arkansas.