Sen. Jason Rapert, professed Bible-believing Christian, is breaking one of his commandments again with his response to a proposed hate crimes law.


It gives “special protections” to no one.

It enhances penalties to people who commit crimes animated by hate based on ancestry, color, military service, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, homelessness, national origin, race, religion, sex and sexual orientation.


You know what dog Rapert is whistling on “special protection”: LGBTQ people, who he’s aimed to persecute throughout his public life.

During his bout with coronavirus, he received some unkind communications, undoubtedly some from gay people, but also undoubtedly from others in various other classes covered by the hate crimes proposal. But you know who he’s really talking about, “special protections” is the boilerplate the Bible beater/defilers have employed forever in the fight against EQUAL protection for LGBTQ.


Legal counsel for the senator: Criticizing a state senator for his actions is not a hate crime. It’s speech protected from government punishment. It can be rude and uncivil. I held my own tongue during Rapert’s illness apart from wishing him a speedy recovery.

But here Rapert seems to want to protect people who commit crimes against people he hates. He calls punishing criminals  “special protections.”

There’s no other way to put it: Jason Rapert is a batshit crazy liar.

I said so on Twitter and got a personal Rapert damn-a-gram.


You’d think the devil would pay more. I said calling out charlatan liars seemed more like the Lord’s work to me.