Vigilantes have grown violent in response to racial justice protests on various cities’ streets.

A right-wing vigilante killed two in Kenosha, Wis., following days of protests over the police shooting of a domestic violence suspect in the back. Trump supporters are raising money for the murderer. One cable commentator said you could understand someone taking the law in his own ands.

Then, last night in Portland, Trump supporters assembled an armed caravan to cruise through the area of Portland where Black Lives Matter protests have been held. They fired paintballs and pepper spray at the crowds, hitting a reporter among others. Clashes broke out  A man was found fatally shot near where opposing groups had clashed. He was wearing a hat of a far-right group.


Nothing good can come of having armed vigilantes on the street. They were welcomed by Kenosha police, including the teen later charged with murder.

Again: There’s evidence some of the scattered vandalism of Little Rock protests came from white supremacist agitators, not the fictional “antifa” outside agitators that some in law enforcement said had converged by busloads on Little Rock. They were said to be holed up in Bryant hotels, waiting to strike. The free breakfast must have been too good to leave.


Had Donald Trump called for peace from all involved? Or only for armed military response against those who assemble to speak for racial justice?