The promised lawsuit by conservative legislators alleging overreach by the Health Department in enforcing the governor’s emergency directives was filed today.


It was assigned to that legislative favorite, Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen.

Here’s the lawsuit.


Two things: Thanks to Mike Wickline for noting the armed attendee at the news conference announcing the lawsuit.

Also thanks for his report that the costs of the lawsuit are being paid by Reopen Arkansas and NE Arkansas Tea Party. In addition to legislators, some individual citizens are plaintiffs.


I don’t think it is legal under the state ethics law for a legislator to get $100 or more in legal costs paid by someone else. Perhaps Travis Story is going to do the work for the 18 legislative plaintiffs and seven individuals for under $2,500. If not, some explanation is necessary.

PS: I’m reminded by legal counsel that legislators can’t accept ANYTHING in return for doing their official duty and this lawsuit is fled in their official capacity. So that’s another count against them freeloading on teabaggers.