Little Rock police reported more vandalism last night, including a spray-painted message on a tribute to fallen police officers. At least one police vehicle also was targeted with graffiti saying Defund Police as was a county office building.


North Little Rock police also were targeted, with damage to four police vehicles — one a total loss from arson.

Little Rock Chief Keith Humphrey said felony charges will be pursued and the city’s new hate crime ordinance also would be enforced.


The city hate crimes ordinance is a misdemeanor offense. The ordinance says:


A person eighteen (18) or older violates this Article by reason of the actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or national origin of another individual or group of individuals, regardless of the existence of any other motivating factor or factors, the person commits any of the following misdemeanors under State Law within the City Limits of Little Rock;

Damage to property is charged as criminal mischief under state law and it can range from a misdemeanor to a Class B felony depending on the dollar amount of the damage.

KTHV reports on the chief’s news conference. A group of volunteers was at work this morning cleaning the memorial.

The Fraternal Order of Police posted a statement.

No word yet if surveillance cameras might have captured images of the vandals.


Vandalism occurred at the 12th Street station overnight after a small peaceful protest recently, but it hasn’t been linked as yet to anyone in that group.

Meanwhile, blogger Russ Racop has posted photos of an apparent arson of a North Little Rock police vehicle.

UPDATE: Release from North Little Rock police:

At approximately 3:20 am, NLRPD Officers patrolling the Rose City Area of North Little Rock, Arkansas noticed a fire behind the Rose City Sub- Station at 4609 E. Broadway. As they approached the fire to investigate, they found one NLRPD Patrol Ford Explorer in flames. The Officers also noticed that the tires to several other patrol vehicles had
been slashed and were flat.

In total, four patrol vehicles were damaged with one being a total loss.

Detectives are currently investigating these acts of vandalism. Detectives are asking that if anyone has any information that could help with this investigation to please call our tip line at 501-680-8439 or 501-758-1234.

The NLRPD is also ensuring extra security measures are in place for all city property in an effort to minimize and deter any future damage to taxpayer-funded property.

More Little Rock spray paint on a county office building.