Sen. Tom Cotton, who likes to complain about the ” cancel culture” of liberals, is doing all he can to cancel protests against his political point of view.

His latest demagoguery is sponsorship of a bill going nowhere except into the Trump campaign megaphone to bar unemployment payments to people convicted of federal offenses during a protest. (You may know corrupt Attorney General William Barr is hungrily seeking to expand what constitutes an offense by people marching against racial injustice and police brutality.)


The ACLU of Arkansas’s director, Holly Dickson, has this to say about that:

“Once again, Senator Tom Cotton’s callous disregard for constitutional rights is matched only by his cruelty. By threatening protesters with punishment, this bill is a clear attempt to suppress one of our oldest and most cherished traditions: the right to protest injustice and make our voices heard. After advocating the use of military force to quell protests, Senator Cotton now wants to take food out of his own constituents’ mouths by cutting off unemployment benefits that have been a lifeline for families across the state. The vast majority of protests across the country have been peaceful, but Senator Cotton would rather inflame divisions to advance his own political agenda than bring people together to heal and work for change. It is also no mystery why such calls for harsh crackdowns were glaringly absent when white supremacists marched on Charlottesville or when armed protesters took over a wildlife refuge in Oregon. By advancing this bill and calling protesters ‘thugs’ Senator Cotton has reminded us what systemic racism looks like, and why all of us must continue to work to combat anti-Black racism in all its forms. Dissent is – and always has been – patriotic, and the ACLU of Arkansas will continue to stand with all those demanding justice and an end to the scourge of police violence against Black communities once and for all.”

Callous. Cold. Calculating. That’s the would-be 2024 presidential candidate.