Lots of traction today from Jeffrey Goldberg’s blockbuster article in The Atlantic on  Donald Trump’s disregard for those who serve in the military. Suckers and losers, he says they are, unlike Cadet Bonespur.


Here’s the thing: It rings so true. His public statements about John McCain and a Gold  Star family have long been in the public record, along with his own shirking of duty.

Lindsey Graham, now a Trump toadie, recognized it five years ago.


It runs in the family.


Trump denies it all, of course: The crudely insensitive remark by the grave of John Kelly’s son on Memorial Day; the canceling of a military cemetery visit to avoid getting his hair wet; his opposition to having military amputees participate in a parade. So far, only proven liars and sycophants (Sarah Huckabee Sanders, for example) have stood up for him. The AP and Washington Post have independently confirmed parts of the story. In recent days, Trump also moved to shut down Stars and Stripes, a news outlet for the military, after reports that he was losing favor among the troops.

Waiting to hear from Tall Talking Tom Cotton, if he can take a break from his rants against people who assemble to demonstrate against police brutality and racial injustice. (While out of the same mouth decrying the mythical “cancel culture.”) He uses his military service as a political tool. Is he a loser? Cotton, who’s become as manic as Trump on Twitter, perhaps saw this.

Sad to say, I doubt any of this will move the dedicated Trumpers. What’s dishonoring fallen heroes, when you have Nancy Pelosi’s shampoo to talk about?