Burn. Conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter (former Ted Cruz aide) blasts Sarah Huckabee Sanders in Politico for dishonesty and sliming people such as herself.

In Carpenter’s case, Sanders helped fuel a National Enquirer report (false Carpenter says) about her relationship with Cruz. She also mentions Sanders’ famous lie about the many FBI agents who supposedly didn’t support James Comey.

As so often happens when a woman is unfairly attacked, the burden fell on me to clear my name. It was an absolutely infuriating position to be in, but I was not about to be driven from the public space over something that had never happened. Trump supporters wanted nothing more than to force me, a committed NeverTrumper, off the air. So, I went back on television to defend myself, sitting for an interview with Jake Tapper to discuss the harrowing episode. It was the hardest day of my entire professional life—and it was made even more painful by Sanders.

That afternoon, Sanders happened to be scheduled for an interview with Tapper as well and was asked about fake news her campaign was pushing. Sanders, a wife, a mother, a conservative, a Christian and a political staffer—just like I am—twisted the knife. She intoned that it was my responsibility to clean up and shifted the blame, saying, “For the sake of both Amanda and Senator Cruz’s family, I think that they should fight back and sue the National Enquirer on this false story.” She also claimed to have no knowledge of what Scavino had done. Then, she chalked up the entire thing to the scummy business of politics at large and slammed Cruz’s team as “one of the dirtiest and nastiest campaigns out there.”

But there’s more than Carpenter’s personal isue and the lie about Comey.

Let’s not forget how she tweeted a video that analysts said had been doctored to suggest that CNN correspondent Jim Acosta had inappropriately grappled with a White House intern over a microphone during a live briefing. Or how Sanders adopted Trump’s talking point that the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct or assault are lying. Or how often she deflected legitimate questions by suggesting that those who posed them had nefarious motives. And her response after the release of the Mueller report? Using the White House as a backdrop for an interview on “Fox & Friends,” she called the Democrats “sore losers” and “a sad excuse for a political party.”

Sanders never rose to the level of professionalism exhibited by diligent, respectful people who previously held her position. She became an echo of internet trolls.

Carpenter expects no apology and closes with a word for Arkansans who see her name on the ballot for governor in 2022.


After failing to perform her basic job as a press secretary and refusing to hold a briefing for a record 94 days as of the day she announced her resignation earlier this month, Sanders was asked recently whether she had any regrets about stonewalling the press. She said it was more important that the American people hear from the president directly, rather than from her. “No one elected me to anything,” she told reporters.

That’s a statement that will, hopefully, remain true—because there is no reason to believe Sanders would change her ways if elected governor. Arkansas, you’ve been warned.

Perhaps Carpenter’s criticism will find its way to reporters who attend Sanders’ book signings and press avails.