The Arkansas Supreme Court has announced that Justice Rhonda Wood will join women Supreme Court justices from three other states for a series of podcasts, “Lady Justice: Women of the Court.”

The podcast will begin Sept. 17 and focus on state courts. The first episode will talk about state constitutions.

The participants will talk about their personal experiences in the second episode. That could be interesting given the background of the participants.

There’s a bit of a partisan tilt. Wood, though nominally a non-partisan, used robocalls by former Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee in her election campaigns and focused on Republican county committees as sources of support. She also was the recipient of campaign contributions bundled by former Republican Party leader Gilbert Baker on behalf of a nursing home tycoon. Baker is awaiting trial on charges that he funneled money to another judicial candidate, Wood’s former colleague in Conway, Mike Maggio, in return for his reduction of a verdict against a nursing home owned by the tycoon.


Other participants are West Virginia Justice Beth Walker, who first ran for judge as a Republican but is officially non-partisan in her current seat. She was impeached by the West Virginia House in 2018 along with other members of the court in a scandal over spending and administration. The Senate didn’t convict Walker but voted to reprimand and censure her. Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman is a member of an all-Republican court and its first Hispanic female member. Michigan Chief Justice Bridget McCormack is a Democrat but she ran for the court as a non-partisan, without the support of the Democratic establishment in 2012.  She got attention from a campaign video filmed by the cast of “West Wing.” Her sister, Mary McCormack, played security advisor Kate Harper in the show’s last three seasons.

The series is planned to run roughly every other month or so and other judges may participate if the original four can’t always participate.