Donald Trump, in a bit of meaningless political theater, today floated a list of 20 more people he’d consider for U.S. Supreme Court vacancies should he be re-elected, including Sen. Tom Cotton. He said they’d be jurists in the mold of Antonin Scalia.

Cotton has a law degree, but hasn’t practiced law or been a judge. No sweat. He knows everything. Just ask him. He could use some work on the First Amendment, however. CORRECTION: He clerked for a federal judge for one year after law school and worked briefly for a Washington law firm before joining the Army. He went on to work for the McKinsey consulting firm and then ran for Congress.

Watch Trump and weep.

His list of horrors that would be brought by Democratic nominees is something. He calls on Biden to release a list. All Biden needs to do is say, “Hey, you got me to thank for Clarence Thomas.”


It was staged to obscure the Woodward book. He got a lot of questions. He’s falling back on the explanation for his lies by saying he didn’t want to cause panic. Otherwise, the book “was just a political hit job.”