Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey

Earlier this week, most of Little Rock Police Department’s command staff sent a letter to Mayor Frank Scott Jr. and the Little Rock Board of Directors blaming LRPD Chief Keith Humphrey for creating a “toxic, hostile, and explosive work environment” that’s putting the safety of Little Rock citizens at risk. It asked for help from city leaders in dealing with the “catastrophic problem.”

Last night, the Little Rock Black Police Officers Association sent its own letter to the mayor and Board of Directors. The BPOA said that the letter from police department leadership was “drafted solely to defy Chief Humphrey’s attempt to eradicate years of the Little Rock Police Department operating under a ‘Good Ole Boy’ system of policing; a system built on friendships, nepotism, and racism, which includes only a few minority beneficiaries.” The BPOA asks city leaders for assistance in fixing the “catastrophic” good ole boy system.

At Tuesday’s Little Rock Board meeting Ward 5 City Director Lance Hines asked Mayor Scott to remove Humphrey, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported. Scott declined. The board didn’t discuss the letter or anything else regarding the chief at the meeting.

Four of the 10 signatories of the letter from many of the LRPD command staff have sued Humphrey.