The New York Times has uncorked a bombshell based on records it’s received about Donald Trump’s taxes.

Tons of stuff:

He had a $750 income tax bill his first year in the White House.


In 10 of 15 years he paid no taxes. Zero.

He wrote off expenses and losses against income. Was that just smart business? Or was it fraud.


The story says he’s still haggling with IRS over a claim of a $72.9 million refund 10 years ago.

There are details about his debts; his losses; his payments to family; his increasing need for business in conflict with his job as president.

He says it’s fake news, of course.

Easy way to disprove it.


Do what every other president has done: Release his tax returns.

Any minute now: Defense from Tom Cotton and French Hill and the rest of the Arkansas delegation.