So much for that turned corner cited by a Health Department doctor Sunday.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Arkansas rose by 807 in the last 24 hours, to 82,409.

Confirmed cases rose by 786 to 79,521.

Probable cases rose by 21 to 2,528.


Deaths rose by 21 to 1,329

No test number yet. Will add the summary and the governor’s soothing words when it arrives.


I happened to notice this Tweet today on the number of days it has taken over the course of the pandemic to add 100 more deaths in Arkansas. It is behind, of course.

Tuesday, Sept. 22, the Health Department put Arkansas’s death toll at 1,209. Monday, Sept. 28, seven days later, it stands at 1,329.

If this is turning a corner …..


(If ACH is only counting “confirmed” cases, the death toll Sept. 22 was 1,060, today, seven days later, it is 1,183.)


From the guv:

“There are 807 new confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases in Arkansas. It’s critical that we all continue following the guidance of our public health officials to slow the spread of this virus. I will have updates on our testing efforts and the White House Task Force report at tomorrow’s weekly briefing.”