Education Secretary Johnny Key issued this statement in response to the announcement that the Little Rock Education Association had said many of its members would work only virtually in the Little Rock School District today because of coronavirus problems.

During the first five weeks of school, LRSD administrators, educators, and staff have done a tremendous job of providing onsite and virtual instruction to meet the needs of students. Most importantly, they have responded promptly and effectively tothe occurrences of COVID infections and adjusted schedules and operations as necessary to mitigate risk. Now the union leadership has concocted this absurd, eleventh-hour scheme to create even more disruption for LRSD students and families. It is wrong, it does not serve students, and I am confident the union’s scheming will be soundly rejected by truly student-focused educators.”

UPDATE: I have submitted a question to Johnny Key in behalf of many who found it hypocritical for him to criticize Little Rock teachers when he works in a building closed to the public. Hope to get an answer.