With 150 sick and 50 saying they will only work at home (deemed unacceptable by the state, which controls the district) you’re talking 200 substitutes in a district that was already stretched. It will also add more duties to teachers who are reporting for work (and working extendedd days to keep up with dual responsibilities of in-person and at-home students).

Through the end of last week, according to state Health Department records, the district had 24 staff and 94 student COVID-19 cases. At the end of the last school week, the district reported 47 staff and 125 students in quarantine, with 32 new cases, 28 of them students.

This is a real problem, multiplied statewide, albeit with some places suffering less than others.


It is also true that all-virtual learning is not an attractive alternative for students because of equity issues created by different economic and family circumstances.

But still … the insistence by the governor and his handmaiden Key, with their usual union bashing, that teachers must work in-person at all costs rings a little hollow from a state government with buildings closed to the public.