KARK reports this news.


This removes an in-house headache for Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey and Mayor Frank Scott Jr.

Fulk is one of the multiple members of the upper echelon of the department who have criticized or sued (Fulk among them) the chief for allegedly retaliating against them for disagreeing with his decision to fire Officer Charles Starks after the fatal shooting of Bradley Blackshire. Too early to say if Fulk’s departure ends her lawsuit.


I’ve confirmed that Darrell Hedden is retiring as state Capitol police chief effective Nov. 1. He’s been on the Capitol force more than 28 years and chief since 2003. He indicated he’d have liked to stay on longer after he went on the state deferred retirement plan in July, but Secretary of State John Thurston indicated he “wanted to go in a new direction.” Hedden said he had no hard feelings and wished all the best.

UPDATE: Fulk is taking over the job Friday. Hedden will just be on vacation the remainder of his time on the payroll.


It so happens he and Fulk have something in common, tension with Humphrey. Hedden had some disagreement with Chief Humphrey over the chief’s handling of Black Lives Matter demonstrators who assembled outside the Capitol for several nights this summer. Events grew so tumultuous the governor called out the National Guard. Hedden had concerns Little Rock police weren’t acting forcefully enough to prevent damage to the Capitol.

The mayor’s headache? He has refused to respond to my questions about tips from several sources that he had a plan to create a new assistant chief position so he could have someone at that level who was an ally. One city board member who was aware of the idea said the chief would never get the money to create such a position. He now has a vacancy to fill.

All three assistant chiefs, Fulk, Wayne Bewley and Hayward Finks, and seven of 10 captains signed a letter to the city board and mayor complaining about Humphrey’s poor communication and abusive treatment. The mayor said he would not fire Humphrey.