FALLEN OFFICER: In Pine Bluff. Photos supplied by Stu Soffer.

UPDATE: The State Police have confirmed that a Pine Bluff police officer was fatally wounded at a shooting earlier today at a Pine Bluff motel.


Both KATV and KARK reported originally that two officers were shot, with one in critical condition. The State Police, in confirming an officer had died, has now also confirmed a second officer was shot. A news conference is scheduled in Pine Bluff at 4:30 p.m.

The shooting broke out at the Econo Lodge on Blake Street, the stations reported.


Others were reportedly wounded, the stations reported, and suspects were under guard at the hospital, Deltaplex News reported. Deltaplex said the three also were wounded, but the wounds weren’t believed to be serious.



Update from State Police:


 A Pine Bluff Police Detective is dead and another wounded following an exchange of gunfire that occurred today in Pine Bluff at 210 North Blake Street.

  Detective Kevin Collins, 35, a five year veteran of the department, was pronounced deceased at Jefferson Regional Medical Center shortly after 2 PM.

  Lieutenant (Detective) Ralph Isaac, 42, a twenty-year veteran of the department, sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound.

   The police officers were met with gunfire as they arrived at the Econo Lodge Motel about 12:05 PM.  The officers were at the location in connection with an on-going local criminal investigation.  A third detective, Kelsey Collins, 28, a two-year department veteran, did not sustain any injury.


   Two individuals believed to be involved in the shooting were wounded.  Both were treated for non-life threatening wounds at a local hospital and later released for questioning by state police.

Kevin Collins

UPDATE II: the officer who died has been identified as Kevin Collins.

UPDATE III: A suspect in a Georgia murder is being held as a suspect, KATV reported.