Who is Rohn Muse?

  • Human rights advocate.
  • Progressive thinker.
  • Well seasoned observer and problem solver.
  • Great communicator.
  • Truth seeker who recognizes there are always direct connections between cause and effect.
  • The only candidate for an at-large position with experience as a city official (two-terms, six years as planning commissioner).
  • Someone who has demonstrated neighborhood advocacy and leadership for over 30 years.
  • Received UALR Stonewall Scholarship as the inaugural recipient for work in studies of human rights with a concentration on LGBTQ+ issues and achievements.
  • Well rounded: A former fashion designer, director of the Design Institute at UA Little Rock, adjunct anthropology instructor, NCIDQ Interior designer!
  • Academically qualified for at-large city director position.

“Muse should be familiar to those who followed the development of the Little Rock Technology Park. His Forest Hills neighborhood, on the south side of Interstate 630 across from UAMS, was targeted by powerful business forces as the site for the tech park. Homes would have been taken and leveled. Muse led neighborhood opposition that was critical in a change of direction that eventually led To the Tech Park downtown instead.” – Max Brantley, Arkansas Times  

As an at-large city director, I will:

·  Bring my interest and experience in the arts and dedication to do what it takes to create opportunities for those who need them the most.


·  Support Town Hall meetings, to hear and discuss concerns of citizens well in advance of decisions made by our board of directors.

·  Advocate for better communication between planning and development and affected persons (i.e., neighborhoods, regarding so-called “improvements” that will have direct, irreversible, and probable harmful health outcomes.)


·   Advocate for a successful and comprehensive solution to homelessness.

·  Fight for “trade school” apprenticeships and fund these by awarding scholarships through coordination with grants writers, private philanthropists and foundations who support these types of training.

·  Discuss the multifaceted value provided by our educators, parents, and Little Rock students via the exploration of a truly phenomenal organization (xqsuperschool.org).

·  Work for my bosses — the people!  The citizenry, privately and as businesses. We all are taxpayers, contributors to the treasury they entrust to the directors to prudently consider while creating annual budgets.



I am Rohn Muse, asking for your vote for at-large city director, position 9.

You may read more about ROHN HERE!

Campaign participation and donations may be made here!

Thank you to everyone who signed my nomination petition as well as the overwhelming numbers of supporters wishing to keep the at-large city director positions intact. Their holistic perspectives coalesce very well with individual and unified ward concerns and initiatives.


Rohn Muse

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