IN THE MONEY: Open Secrets summarizes French Hill’s campaign finance support this way.

Sen. Joyce Elliott’s campaign for 2nd District Congress said another opaque Super PAC is making a big ad buy against her to help Republican Rep. French Hill — the American Bankers Association’s.


The deep pockets have no better friend than the millionaire banker who continues to reap dividends from stock ownership in a big bank. Friend of the little guy? Check his voting record.

Said the Elliott campaign:


Congressman Hill made millions selling his former bank while putting his employees’ futures in jeopardy. He’s often praised the 2017 tax bill as a top achievement in Congress, which resulted in a lifetime tax increase for the middle class and a $32 billion windfall for America’s biggest banks last year.

Senator Elliott stated, “It’s no surprise that banker French Hill’s struggling campaign has to be bailed out by dark money from big banks. After all, he’s helped them more in Congress than he’s helped the people of Arkansas. In Congress, I will put people before corporate special interests.”

It’s not like Hill wasn’t already wallowing in Wall Street lucre. Open Secret’s list of top money sources: