She should stick to cheerleading her deputy from the sidelines at the U.S. Supreme Court over a case she’s carrying.

She and a couple of other Republican attorneys general plan a news conference today to talk about “lawless liberal” Kamala Harris before her debate Wednesday* with Mike Pence. They’ve got a list of items to pin on her, not necessarily honestly, but hollering “defund the police” in concert with the name of a Democrat seems to be the go-to Republican campaign strategy this season. We don’t know yet if, like French Hill, they have a photograph they can manipulate to make Harris look like a dangerous Black person.


OK, they don’t like Harris’ politics. Fair enough.

But “lawless”? For that, they need look no further than their lawless comrade in Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton. He’s an ally with Rutledge in a lawsuit to kill the Affordable Care Act, which has only saved thousands of lives and brought better health to millions.


Paxton is so corrupt — allegations of bribery and abuse of office by his own staff — that even top Republicans in Texas are calling on him to resign.

But nutty Jeff Landry of Louisiana, Sean Reyes of Utah and Rutledge think Kamala Harris is lawless.


They ought to be asked about their idol Donald Trump. Rutledge and Paxton are leaders of a committee working for his re-election.

*A previous version of this post mistakenly said the VP debate was Tuesday.