This is no joke. Here’s New York Times reporting on the kidnap plot by the so-called “militia.”

13 people have been arrested in raids that began last night. The reported standoff apparently was resolved, if it occurred. It might have been related to the many raids mounted by state and federal officials.


Make no mistake: Donald Trump supplied oxygen for this fire.

Wild stuff except in MAGA Land.


Here’s the governor after the arrest. She thanked law enforcement and turned to the pandemic challenge. “This should be a moment for national unity, where we all pull together as Americans to meet this challenge head-on.”

Instead, she said, the president has spent seven months “denying science, stoking mistrust and fomenting anger” and “giving comfort to those who spread hate and division.”

“Stand back and stand by,” Donald Trump told white supremacists, Whitmer recalled. They heard it not as a rebuke but a “rallying cry, a call to action.” Words of leaders carry weight, she said,. and they are complicit “when they stoke and contribute to hate speech.”