You’d think an armed group of domestic terrorists plotting to kidnap and kill a governor would tamp down enthusiasm for paramilitary activity.

Apparently not. See this Washington Post story about a private security firm recruiting special ops veterans to “guard” polling places in Minnesota to “protect” them from Antifa. The full effects of the U.S. Supreme Court retreat from guards against polling place intimidation aren’t yet known. But Republicans are ready to do whatever it takes to suppress votes in places likely to favor Democratic candidates. (See Pulaski County, Arkansas.)


No word of armed contingents in Arkansas so far.

But FYI. Georgetown Law has put together a 50-state guide to what’s legal in each state relative to armed groups and what you should do should you encounter them.


Bottom line: Private “militias” are illegal in Arkansas. The 2nd Amendment provides no extra protection to such assemblies. Here’s the Arkansas guidance.

Tips should you encounter armed groups:


That it has come to this is unspeakably sad as well as another reason to say Bye Don.