The odd mix that is in the group opposing Issue 1, the business/highway lobby’s permanent constitutional embed of a sales tax increase to provide $300 million a year to the unaccountable Arkansas Department of Transptoration, adds another member.

The executive committee of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas has endorsed a resolution in opposition.


Their reasoning, the last being soundest of all:

  • Ballot Issue #1 would enshrine a permanent new sales tax in the Arkansas Constitution and the Libertarian Party is opposed to all new taxes, favoring solutions that use free-market principles to address the financing of infrastructure and all other public-interest initiatives.

  • Arkansas already has the 9th highest sales tax rate in the U.S.  And if county and municipal sales taxes are included, Arkansas has the absolute highest sales tax rates in the nation.

  • A general sales tax to support road construction and maintenance violates the principle of holding the users of infrastructure responsible for paying for its costs.

  • The current “temporary” tax remains in effect until June 30, 2023, so there is no need for a precipitous, permanent amendment to the Arkansas Constitution at this time.

The resolution went on to say that Libertarians are generally skeptical of any Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution that is proposed by the sitting legislature.

Strike out the legislature — Issues 1, 2,3 NO!