With nearly 8 million positive cases and 215,000 deaths in the U.S. and no effective vaccine yet available, I need no convincing that COVID-19 is more dangerous than the seasonal flu.

But the Trumpers persist in their skepticism (and sometimes get gravely ill and repent.) Some die for their persistence.

But now add this to the growing evidence that COVID-19 is a more serious affliction (worth remembering as Donald Trump sets off on daily rallies before the election). From the New York Times:

It’s becoming known as Covid brain fog: troubling cognitive symptoms that can include memory loss, confusion, difficulty focusing, dizziness and grasping for everyday words. Increasingly, Covid survivors say brain fog is impairing their ability to work and function normally.

“There are thousands of people who have that,” said Dr. Igor Koralnik, chief of neuro-infectious disease at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, who has already seen hundreds of survivors at a post-Covid clinic he leads. “The impact on the work force that’s affected is going to be significant.

Scientists aren’t sure what causes brain fog, which varies widely and affects even people who became only mildly physically ill from Covid-19 and had no previous medical conditions. Leading theories are that it arises when the body’s immune response to the virus doesn’t shut down or from inflammation in blood vessels leading to the brain.

So pack a maskless Trump super-spreader event if you must. I’ll stay home and wear a mask when near others.