The Lincoln Project is a well-funded group of Republicans dedicate to defeat of Donald Trump. Their ad work has been prodigious and powerful.


They fear Trump will try every trick to suppress Democratic votes. They are, after all, Republicans. They know the drill.

So they’ve begun a project to find and respond to vote suppression schemes. Their release:


With just under three weeks left until the November 3rd election and early voting well underway in many states, The Lincoln Project is today beginning to expose voter intimidation and suppression throughout the country through the See Something, Say Something 2020 initiative, using the voter suppression reporting platform is an online tool that allows voters to report instances of misinformation, voting machine issues, polling place wait times, and more, with the goal to attract media and legal attention to verified, ongoing issues in real time. This resource serves as a public map of voter suppression tactics as they’re in progress, just as voters report them.

You can get to the reporting tool, and the GIS incidents map, by going to

Most recently, helped to crowd-source reports of South Carolina Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison’s name not appearing on paper ballots. For it’s part, the Lincoln Project recently began asking followers to share instances of voter intimidation and suppression to “make famous” those who would keep fellow Americans from casting their ballots.

“With numerous, blatant acts of voter suppression already underway in key states like Texas and Pennsylvania, it’s never been more important for us to work to ensure integrity at the polls,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “We’re encouraging all voters to make themselves, their friends, and family aware of’s reporting capabilities and to report any trouble they face at the polls on November 3rd.”

The Lincoln Project will focus on shining a light on nefarious activities reported on Twitter using the hashtag #SeeSay2020, as well as direct voters to report instances of voter suppression using Information reported may be used to aid in litigation post-November 3rd.

“The SeeSay project was piloted in 2018 and immediately worked to daylight voter suppression as it was happening, just by making it all visible.” said Deepak Puri, creator of  “For too long, voters have known what they’re up against, without having a collective place to show it.”

In 2016, the election was decided by slim margins in a few key swing states, proving that every single vote matters. This time around, there is nothing short of American democracy itself at stake. Every voice must be heard, and every vote counted.

In Arkansas, feel free to get in touch with the Arkansas Times.

The Lincoln Project, in addition to producing its own ads, is amplifying work of others. For example: