The complete summary isn’t up yet (update: you can it’s now arrived), but the Arkansas Health Department dashboard indicates these changes in COVID-19 in the last 24 hours comparing those numbers with yesterday’s summary:


Total cases: up 883, to 98,422

Deaths: up 19 to 1684


Active cases: up 201 to 8,810

Hospitalizations: Down 14 to 576, despite 236 new admissions


The overall testing rate to date is 7.7 percent for the PCR tests and 17.5 percent for the quicker antigen tests. These are not good numbers.

The increase in cases in the most populous counties from yesterday (I’ll go with Health Department rather than slightly different comparisons I drew from Health Department and the New York Times’ slightly higher numbers): Pulaski, 64; Craighead, 48; Washington, 36, and Sebastian, 29. But “most populous” is a key description. Some rural areas are experiencing higher positive test rates and greater growth per capita in new cases.

UPDATE: The governor’s daily pronouncement:

There are 883 new COVID-19 cases in Arkansas. Our cases next week will be determined by what we do and our discipline this weekend. We must all be mindful that COVID-19 has set in for the winter and we have to take precautions.

The line is open.


PS: Looking for something safe to do tonight?

Head to ATA Martial Arts at 1800 Riverfront Drive for a drive-in tribute to progressive women by the Progressive Women’s PAC.

They’ll be projecting 30-foot images of Arkansas women on a building wall, as well as art work, to celebrate more than 250 women, from familiar figures such as Betty Bumpers and Brownie Ledbetter to the new female leadership.

The show starts at 6:45 p.m.  Enter the parking lot from Brookside Drive. The show lasts 45 minutes and will be repeated. It’s free. If you choose to get out of your car, you’re asked to wear face-covering and keep your distance.