More expressions of opposition to the legislative-referred ballot issues, all three stinkers — a highway sales tax increase, an end to term limits that favors current legislators and an amendment to kill popular ballot petitions.


Add these to the mix of voices:

  • ISSUE 1, the highway tax: The Young Democrats of Arkansas say NO.

  • Issues 2 and 3, the term limits abolition and the petition-killer: A grassroots coalition, including term limits proponent Tom Steele, will be bringing a Trojan Horse to Little Rock, Sheridan and England to illustrate their opposition to these amendments. Says a release:

 The 10-foot tall carved wooden creature illustrates that Issue 2 and Issue 3 are sneaky, dirty tricks by politicians in the legislature meant to make fools of Arkansas voters.

The term limits movement was stymied in a ballot initiative this year and will have another, though it will be monumentally difficult if Issue 3 passes. If it helps, the fat cat business lobby is telling political candidates that Issues 1 and 3 are their top priorities this election, plus electing Trump-enabling millionaires like French HIll.

See the emblem at the Capitol later this morning.