WHERE’S FRENCH?: Elliott campaign says he’s bending rules in an attack ad to distance himself personally from it.

State Sen. Joyce Elliott, the Democrat opposing Republican U.S. Rep. French Hill, raised more than $390,000 between Oct. 1-14, the last full report before the election. Her total fund-raising is near $3 million.


Hill’s final report isn’t on file yet, but he’d raised almost $3 million through Sept. 30. He’s been augmented by Super PAC spending, as has Elliott to a lesser degree.

The big difference is grassroots. Elliot’s online contributions averaged less than $35.


Hill’s ads have grown harsher as his desperation grows. And in the latest, the Elliott campaign says, he’s played fast and loose with rules on the size required for the disclosure of who paid for an ad and in failing to close the ad with his photo. Elliott sees this as an effort by Hill to trash Elliott without seeming to be personally connected. In a Democrat-Gazette account of the complaint today, a Hill spokeswoman called the complaint “petty politics.”

Of course. To Donald Trump and enablers like the millionaire banker French Hill, playing by the rules is for suckers.