Arkansas Community Organizations, a grassroots group that advocates for lower-income neighborhoods, has endorsed Sheridan Richards for Little Rock City Board Position 10, the at-large seat held by Joan Adcock.

Adcock is seeking re-election and Greg Henderson also is challenging Adcock.


ACO supported a resolution by Director Ken Richardson encouraging, but not requiring, landlords to stop evictions of people who lost jobs during the pandemic. Adcock voted against the resolution.

The organization released a statement by president Donna Massey:


I am pleased to announce that Arkansas Community Organizations is supporting Sheridan Richards for position 10 on the Little Rock Board of Directors.  Change is needed at city hall.  We are losing safe, healthy and affordable housing.  Many of our residents are paying for housing that is making them sick.  Equity is needed in the allocation of our city services and in representation on the city’s governing body.  The events of the summer of 2020 cry out for deep reform of our law enforcement and justice systems.

We need to elect someone who will work for the changes we need to move our city forward and make it a great place to live for everyone.