When Mike Huckabee went all in for the Trumplican party, he really went ALL in.

Media Matters reports that his PAC has donated to at least five Republican candidates who have espoused the looney tunes QAnon conspiracy theory. He’s been spreading around money to Arkansas legislative candidates, too, undoubtedly winning friends for ….


DAGGER ATTACHED: It signifies bulk buys contributed to Sanders’ two weeks on NY Times best-seller list.

His daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is expected to attempt to install another Huckabee in the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion in 2022.


Speaking of fake news:

She merits a mention in a Vanity Fair article on suspicion that Republicans are gaming the New York Times bestseller list with bulk purchases to push right-wing books into the mainstream.


Sanders’ book is one of many that have appeared on the list with a “dagger,” a mark indicating that sales include bulk buys.

In 2020, 17 books on the New York Times hardcover nonfiction best-seller list have scored their spots by dint of bulk buys. All but two have been written by Trumpworld superstars: Trump Jr.; founder of Turning Point USA Charlie KirkGlenn Beck; conservative commentator Dave Rubin; Fox News host Pete HegsethDinesh D’SouzaNewt Gingrich; Freedom Center founder David HorowitzBen ShapiroSean HannitySarah Huckabee SandersCandace OwensJeanine Pirro; the American Conservative editor Rod Dreher; and Ted Cruz. Of these 15, nine appeared on the list for three weeks or less.

Short-timers include Sanders.

Salon has reported that in August the RNC spent $405,404 on “donor mementos” from Barnes & Noble, booksamillion.com, and Porchlight Book Company. The purchases coincided with the Trump campaign’s promise of signed copies of Hannity’s book Live Free or Die in exchange for donations of $75 or more. Porchlight confirmed to Salon a $119,250 bulk purchase of Hannity’s book, which the RNC reported on August 19. In September, RNC fundraising emails flogged signed copies of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s book—“because you’re a TOP supporter”—for donations of $75. The book made its daggered debut on the best-seller list the week of September 27.

Sanders’ book made the best-seller list one more week, Oct. 4, again with the dagger denoting bulk buys.