Here’s the COVID-19 update. Also the open line.


Figures from the state Health Department dashboard

Total cases: 112,190


Increase from yesterday: 1,316 (not a record, but close)

Active cases: 10,185


Increase from yesterday: 389

Deaths: 1,925

Increase from yesterday: 25

More on tests and hospitalizations when the daily summary and the reassuring words from the governor arrives.


UPDATE: The summary arrived. Hospitalizations down 1, so that’s good.

This day a week ago the case count rose 1,183 on 13,740 tests. But 1,300 new cases on about 11,000 tests? Not good.

Said the governor? Eh.

There are 1,316 new COVID-19 cases in Arkansas. This is disappointing because it breaks our trend of beating last week’s numbers each day. It is so critical for our hospitals and health care workers that we all push to stop the spread of the virus and reduce cases.

The line is open.