The Pulaski County Election Commission said 4,907 people cast early ballots today, for a total with one day of early voting remaining of 100,716.

The early vote in 2016 was 79,453.


In 2016, 4,393 absentee ballots were cast. More than 20,000 have been accepted for counting on election day in Pulaski County.

The total vote in Pulaski in 2016 was 161,370, with 77,286 of it election day voting. Only 40,000 or so election day ballots are necessary to match 2016’s total. Surely, we’re headed for a bigger turnout.


The secretary of state has reported 804,000 votes cast so far statewide, either by early vote or returned absentee ballot. 1.1 million votes were cast in 2016.