The Nation suggests a vote for Ricky Dale Harrington, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, the extremist right-winger who by means yet unknown forced the only Democratic challenger out of the race after filing deadline, too late to dig up a substitute.



Here’s How to Ruin Tom Cotton’s Election Night

The Arkansas senator wants to pretend he’s running unopposed, but there’s an alternative candidate to the more-Trump-than-Trump senator who penned a fascistic op-ed.

The article mentions some of Cotton’s many flaws. But it also has some good words for Harrington, quoting him from his solo appearance on AETN when Tough Talking Tom ducked a debate.

Harrington acknowledged that he was frustrated by Cotton’s no-show. “He’s on Fox News, I don’t know how many times a week—two or three times a week?—but he can’t come here to address the people of Arkansas,” the 34-year-old challenger explained. “Why would you want to support somebody that does that?” Cotton’s absence didn’t stop Harrington from seizing the opportunity to “speak directly to the people of Arkansas” on the issues. And he concluded on an epic note:

People of Arkansas, you know who you are, you know where you’ve come from. Our country has been through a great many struggles. We’ve been through the Revolutionary War, a Civil War, numerous conflicts, the Spanish flu, two world wars, the turmoil of the civil rights movement. But I know one thing. I know the people of America are resilient. I know that they never back down from a challenge.

During the 2008 mortgage crisis, we endured that. And right now we are enduring turmoil in the streets as people try to protest police brutality. We are dealing with a pandemic, but I know who you are. You are resilient people. You can overcome this just like we have overcome all the troubles in our past. But we can only do it if we work together, if you remember that those who disagree with you are still human beings. We don’t have to agree on everything. And if everyone is thinking alike, is there really much thinking going on. Our differences make us stronger. And I appeal to this great people that, even though we have failed, even though we are still continually striving for that great idea of justice, of liberty, and equality under the law, we can overcome anything. I ask you right now to consider sending me to Washington to be your senator. And I give you my word, I will represent you.




The wishful thinking is that (despite an Arkansas Poll giving Cotton a 75-20 edge, that Harrington can run numbers up into the 30s.

If a third-party candidate who started the Senate race with no name recognition and almost no money finishes as well, or even better, than a sitting senator or this year’s Democratic presidential nominee, that could cast some shade on Cotton’s presidential ambitions.

And, make no mistake, embarrassing Cotton is an admirable political goal.