I voted absentee, but I wondered about activity at my customary polling place.


It was moved this year from Pulaski Heights Presbyterian to St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church on West 7th Street. This is a view from Seventh Street toward the poll entrance during the noon hour.

No line outside. Nobody heading to the door. Lots of empty spaces in the parking lot. Perhaps five people holding signs at spots around the church. Social distancing was easily achievable.


Precincts 109 and 112 vote at this polling place. Precinct 109 is the biggest vote producer in the city, or it was in 2016, with 2,196 of 2,815 registered voters casting ballots. Early voting and absentee ballots set records this year and so I’m sure many voters were already done today, as I was.

The unanswered question is election-day turnout.


If you haven’t voted, you need not fear crowds, if this one sample is a clue.