MORE BIDEN FOES: This group mustered at the Capitol today, unhappy about the way the presidential election has gone. They seem to have an ally in the police chief of Marshall. (See below). Photo by Brian Chilson.


Quite a storm stirred up on social media today by posts under the name of Lang Holland, chief of the two-person Marshall, Arkansas police department. You’ve encountered him in these pages before, resisting the governor’s mask mandate.  A Facebook post he made about mask mandates leading to failed communist states is no longer available.

UPDATE: KATV reports that Marshall’s mayor said the chief has resigned. He tries to distance himself from the ex-chief



This turned up recently from the same source.


And this:

Twitter apparently wasn’t impressed.


The user named Lang Holland also has taken his account private on Parler, the right-wing’s answer to Twitter.

Is all this the work of our Arkansas police chief. Circumstantial evidence: No answer at the police office. A Searcy County sheriff’s dispatcher, who handles calls for Marshall police, said Holland could not be reached today. He said Holland was not answering his work phone. He indicated he’d heard the chief might have caused some controversy.

The Biden victory is not sitting well if it indeed is him, for sure.

I sent a message via the Marshall Facebook page, but got no answer. The Facebook page has since been taken down. I’m sorry I didn’t shoot a screenshot of the comments piling up there by people unhappy about what the chief apparently said.

PS: Numerous people have referred the bellicose comments to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

Coincidentally, this group of Trump supporters strutted around the Capitol today. They were in the wrong state to protest about stealing elections.

‘STOP THE STEAL’: A group mustered at Capitol today. Photo by Brian Chilson