Mark Duke is the police chief in Stuttgart. This still appears on his Facebook page this morning, but I have the screenshot just in case he thinks better of it and deletes it.


I’ve sent him a message asking about what he knows about election cheating and deep-state pedophiles, but I’m not waiting for a response.

This is not as bad as the violent acts threatened by the now-resigned chief of Marshall police, but you could begin to believe there’s a certain mindset among police.


UPDATE: The chief messaged me on Facebook:

Why would a political opinion matter to you sir? Just because you and I don’t share the same views don’t make me a loon or racist. I’ve never been anything but fair and impartial.

Perhaps so. But comments like these might give people in Stuttgart cause to wonder about fairness and judgment from someone so outspoken without evidence. I’ve asked the chief again for any specifics he might have on election cheating and the deep state pedophiles, the false Q Anon conspiracy theory.


A reader noted an earlier Duke post:

A FURTHER UPDATE: Duke’s response to my followup on evidence of election tampering and sex crimes by Biden supporters:

In no form or fashion would my personal political views ever interfere with work. I feel like this entire presidential election has been clouded with deception. Yet all we’ve heard for the past 4 years is how rotten Trump is. He’s not my president. I make mention of it with the tables turned and now I’m racist and crazy. I didn’t say anything that hasn’t been said 1 million times on social media since it’s conception. I don’t agree with these things and that would be my right as a voting American citizen. But that doesn’t make either of us wrong or right. I have never been anything but fair and impartial. For someone to call me a loon or a racist because we don’t share the same political view is outlandish. I haven’t said anything any different than other people haven’t said about Trump or Biden. Under freedom of speech we are allowed to voice our opinions. That’s the same for each and every American. I didn’t call for violence or anything of that nature. I didn’t call anyone out or be hateful to anyone. As far as my opinion it is not relevant on the cabal you may do your own research and form your own opinion. I’ve worked with the public my whole life and I’ve always been for fair and equal treatment. Right is right and wrong is wrong and for some one to say I’m wrong for simply voicing my opinion is exactly my point. We all have a say. It’s not my job to judge anyone for their beliefs.

He promised some specifics, but I heard no further. However, a blog reader reported his note to Duke and Duke’s response.


Reader to Duke:

Chief……Pretty strong accusations for a law enforcement man wearing a badge, and a uniform representing the City of Stuttgart to make….especially without providing one shred of evidence. Your comments convince me that should I have a Biden-Harris decal on my Car while duck hunting in Stuttgart…I would probably be stopped and harasssed by the local “Proud Boy” community.
Consequently no more hunting, no more Wilkerson Jewelry, no more Wings over The Prairie for me. I’m just a 31-year Army Vietnam Veteran who voted for Harris-Biden.
It was a close election in 2016 and it was also close in 2000. Your Party won both times and told the rest of us to “get over it”…please show us now the evidence for deep state pedophilia, criminality, and cheating. Otherwise you are just exercising an opinion…BUT the main difference is you have the physical power and weaponry, and
legal status to punish anyone who disagrees with you while the rest of us do not.
Perhaps you and Chief Holland in Marshall will get together and transform your opinions and threats into action on behalf of the “Christian” community I bet you believe you represent.
Duke responded to the reader:
It wasn’t directing or threatening in any way. I just posted that I apologize for offending anyone and would no longer make any more political posts of opinions or satire
The problem was not his political opinions, of course. The problem was a law officer leveling felony crime accusations without evidence.
PS: Duke sent me a screenshot of his Facebook post.