Of course Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge joined other Republicans in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out millions of mail ballots in Pennsylvania.

They’ve cooked up some sketchy arguments about fraud possibilities and the Trump campaign has filed a separate challenge citing different standards for in-person and mail voting. Will the U.S. Supreme Court really buy that there’s some inherent unfairness in mail voting, which is allowed in many jurisdictions and was approved by a Republican legislature in Pennsylvania?


With Amy Coney Barrett on board and Trump having been made clear he expects HIS judges to win the election for him, you just never know. Justice Alito has already made clear he’d like to overturn a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling giving three more days for properly postmarked ballots to be counted. But there are few of those and Biden has a good lead. They are not being included in the count currently.

What they really want to get thrown out are the millions legally cast under a state legislative scheme because they favor Joe Biden.


Perhaps Rutledge should be suing in Arkansas, too, because mailing voting here is similar to that in Pennsylvania, but ballots must be received by election day to be counted.