After a chaotic day, the Pulaski County Election Commission added some absentee ballots to county vote totals and this produced small additions to vote totals, but no changes in the leads in close races.

The unofficial returns now for House District 32 show:


Incumbent Republican Rep. Jim Sorvillo 8,286

Democratic challenger Ashley Hudson 8,229


That gives Sorvillo a margin of 57, nine fewer than when the day began. More than one thousand provisional ballots (cast in-person but with questions about registration) remain to be counted Thursday or Friday. It’s unknown how many of those votes are in this or the other close legislative race.

In the other race being watched closely, the updated count for House District 38 shows:’


Incumbent Republican Rep. Carlton Wing 6,998

Democrat Matthew Stallings 6,923

That 75-vote margin for Wing is six fewer than his margin at the beginning of the day.

This doesn’t reflect all the roughly 1,800 ballots that were to be counted today amid an effort by the Arkansas Republican Party to have the counting stopped and ballots in these races segregated. In the initial run, more than 500 couldn’t be scanned and had to be remade. About 100 of those still haven’t been counted, Commissioner Joshua Price said. There are also 206 absentee ballots “cured” in the last week by voters who presented missing photo ID to the county clerk that haven’t been counted. Those are being processed and are expected to be added to totals later tonightl


I don’t have handy the figures necessary to figure how many total absentee ballots were added today to the two races. But if today’s totals represented 1,500 ballots, they didn’t produce much for Democrats, who had wide advantages in absentee votes but trailed in in-person votes.

But that’s where the unofficial totals stand, subject to additions and certification by the Election Commission. The count must be completed Friday afternoon.

The Arkansas House has been delayed in organizing because of the uncertainty of the outcome of these two races.

UPDATE: Severl hundred more ballots were added to the Pulaski count tonight.

Totals now:

Down to 44 votes in District 32.

And 55 votes in District 38


The numbers here show total votes, percentage, election day voting, early voting and absentee voting.