Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey

Little Rock City Director Lance Hines, a vocal critic of Police Chief Keith Humphrey, has prepared a no-confidence resolution for the City Board to consider Dec. 8.


Susan El Khoury reports for KARK/Fox 16.

Hines called on Mayor Frank Scott Jr. to remove Humphrey in September. The mayor declined.


Several other city directors, though not all, have been critical of Humphrey. He’s under fire from the Fraternal Order of Police and is a defendant in several lawsuits over his management. The Black Police Officers Association has indicated its support for the chief. Humphrey has filed a lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to get him removed by his various critics. He says subordinates are simply unhappy with a new administration making major changes in long-standing practices, including nepotism in the ranks.

The practical impact of a no-confidence resolution, if it’s approved, is limited. Scott has asserted control of the hiring and firing of that position and to date has backed Humphrey. He has also declined to discuss the issue, calling it a personnel matter. But the issue is roiling the department and seems to beg some discussion and/or action.


UPDATE: Then there’s this from a Washington Post writer who’s written about abusive practices in LRPD pre-Humphrey.




Hines provided me with his no-confidence resolution.

He tells me that he believes it will have support from seven or perhaps eight of the 10 city directors. It urges the mayor to take action.

He also provided copies of resolutions authorizing Local 34 of the Fire Fighters Association, FOP and AFSCME as bargaining agents for fire, police and other city workers.

Hine said he believes he has eight votes for these resolutions.  The proposals won’t be without controversy. Black police officers and firefighters have separate associations and have in the past said they weren’t well-represented by FOP or the IFF Local.

Talk about controversy: Hines says FOP should bargain for police contract. Mayor wants his friends at BPOA in on it: