The big licks are yet to come from today’s expected superspreader events in Arkansas, but Thanksgiving day gave Arkansas no rest from a continuing rise in COVID-19 cases. The governor enjoyed the day with a trip to his home in Northwest Arkansas, despite health officials’ encouragement not to travel.


The Health Department reports the coronavirus count today at 152,625.

That’s up 2,348 from the count 24 hours ago, the highest daily increase to date, topping the Nov. 13 record by 36.


Active cases: 17,588, up 574.

Deaths: 2,436, up 11.


Hospitalizations: 1,003, down 25.

ICU: 406.

Ventilators: 169, down 22.

Hutchinson told the Democrat-Gazette yesterday that his trip to Rogers was okeydoke because he was going to his home and would be hosting fewer than five people. Plus, he said, they’d be tossing the football outside, like the Kennedys. No mention if his security patrol went along for the ride.


Hutchinson hasn’t yet issued his usual COVID-19 pap today, but he did manage to send out a Tweet congratulating the U.S. Supreme Court for blocking church attendance rules in New York that were not being enforced. They might as well have issued an order saying Hutchinson’s guidelines could not be enforced — in church or anywhere else — even though they are not.

Arkansas has had numerous outbreaks linked to church events. Why? Big crowds packed in a room singing are more dangerous than quick trips to a retail store for paper towels, no matter how fallacious a comparison the likes of Justice Neil Gorsuch tried to draw.

Try to invoke your religious beliefs to protect a woman’s right to medical autonomy or to oppose the death penalty or to protect LGBT people, Muslims or atheists because your flavor of worship says that is the right thing to do. Such religions don’t count, Bub. Wait for it. Asa will be throwing in with state discrimination on the grounds of the official state religion of Arkansas beginning next month.

UPDATE: today’s asa BS

I hope everyone’s having a safe Thanksgiving. Here is today’s COVID-19 case report. Pre-holiday PCR & antigen testing is more than 17,000. I suspect that high level of testing will slow until Monday. Cases are high but a small reduction in hospitalizations is an improvement.