As is customary, the new case count dropped on Sunday because of a decline in testing, but it’s up to all the same.

The new count today: 170,924. That’s up  1,542 from yesterday. (and 300 more than the increase last Sunday.)


Active cases: 18,750, up 143

Deaths: 2,660, up 40.


The full Health Department’s daily hospital update, somewhat different from the dashboard numbers, shows an increase of 20:


Said the governor:

With 40 additional deaths, we continue to see the devastating results of not following CDC and Department of Health recommendations. Please do your part to contribute to a healthy Arkansas.

There’s also this news on COVID-19 today on the national level:

I don’t wish Giuliani ill, but as a practical matter, it shouldn’t do much harm to his leadership of the elite legal team waging war against Joe Biden’s defeat of Donald Trump.


The Democracy Docket, which is tracking the legal battle from the Democratic side, has a new dashboard, too:

The line is open.