Some state employees have been warned pay due today might be delayed.

Employees of the Arkansas Department of Transportation received this email at 4:45 p.m. yesterday


We have been informed by the Department of Finance and Administration (DF&A) that there is a small risk that some ARDOT employee’s paychecks may be delayed until Monday, December 14.

On December 9 the Arkansas Administrative Statewide Information System (AASIS) experienced an error that delayed processing of payrolls. This error has impacted many state agencies, including ARDOT.

DF&A has informed us that the error has been corrected and ARDOT’s payroll has been processed. However, there is a small risk, especially for smaller banks, that some employees may not receive their payroll deposits until Monday, December 14, at the latest.

You are encouraged to check your account before making transactions that are dependent on the new funds.

Hopefully all employees will receive their payroll deposits at the usual time. But, we wanted to make you aware of this possible delay due to the error in AASIS. If you have any questions, please call the ARDOT Payroll Office.

I followed up with Scott Hardin at the Department of Finance Administration. His initial response:

This is not an overall issue with the system (AASIS). It was specific to a payment to an international account that was incorrectly entered into the system. This resulted in a hard stop which required some work through the night to ensure payroll (prior to and following the stop) processed correctly. We don’t know specifically how many employees may experience a delay as we are currently contacting banks to confirm the funds were received and processed. I will follow up when we know more or confirm the issue was totally resolved.

UPDATE: More from Hardin:


The issue was discovered late yesterday afternoon. It is specific to employees of the Arkansas Department of Transportation. We are not aware of any other agencies experiencing a delay. We contacted the agency yesterday as soon as we discovered the issue. While state agencies process payroll directly through AASIS, the Department of Transportation is an exception as the payroll is submitted every two weeks along with other expenditures that require payment. It is processed as any normal day to day payment would be.  The specific payment (to an account that was not recognized) that initiated the problem/stop was within that spreadsheet, leading to delays following the disruption. We continue to contact each bank to confirm the money was received and processed.

I asked Hardin if he thought the correction would mean all were paid on time. He responded:

Banks are confirming the money has been received. It is simply a matter of it being posted to accounts. We are doing everything we can to ensure this is resolved today.