Arkansas Renters United will demonstrate outside the Governor’s Mansion at 6 p.m. today to urge more action to protect people facing eviction because they’ve lost jobs during the pandemic.


The governor has resisted doing anything of significance for renters to date, so it will mostly be symbolic. But a new presidential administration should begin next month and there’s hope Joe Biden might provide some help.

The group’s aims:


1.  The Governor should call for a statewide halt to evictions, more funding for rental assistance and a quick resolution of pending unemployment claims.

2.  The CDC should extend the halt to evictions and improve it by making it apply to all renters without the requirement to fill out a declaration form to give to the landlord.

3.  There should be no Christmas recess for House and Senate members until they pass a relief package that includes unemployment relief and rental assistance.

4.  Upon taking office, the Biden Administration should halt evictions until the pandemic is over and push for more unemployment relief, utility assistance and rental assistance.

Seems reasonable. But the state seems more interested in pouring money into the unemployment trust fund to prevent employers from paying a small tax increase; cutting the income taz for millionaires, and shielding employers from liability when their health precautions aren’t sufficient to keep workers from getting sick.