The state Racing Commission’s monthly figures on casino gambling show an overall dip in play over the previous month, with the Saracen Casino in Pine Bluff showing a gain with drops at Southland in West Memphis and Oaklawn in Hot Springs.

The period covers Saracen’s first full month of operation of a full casino, after beginning its operation with a smaller annex.


I’ve clipped some screenshots of recent monthly results in only the “terminal,” or slot machine category. All the casinos also realize profits on table games and sportsbooks, but they are relatively small parts of the operations.

Here they are, in order of slot wagering:



So slot machine wagering was about $409 million in the month ending Nov. 20, compared with about $435 million the month before.


The columns of numbers report 1)  total amount bet in the machines; 2) total amount paid out; 3) the casino’s net win; 4) the net win expressed as a percentage of total betting, and 5) the total taxes on the wagering. Taxes are paid from the house win, along with operating expenses.

Including the other forms of gambling, these were total figures for the most recent month ending Nov. 20:



Net house win: $17,972,328 (down from $19.9 million in October)


Total taxes: $2,336,402


Net house win: $8,210,158 (down from $10.1 million in October)

Total taxes: $1,067,320




Net house win: $6,897,691 (up from $6.2 million in October)

Total taxes: $908,399.

This link will allow you to see the full spreadsheet.




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