NO, IT’S NOT FROM THE ONION: But this right-wing website opinion column would be just as laughable if it wasn’t possible in the final days of Donald Trump.

A conservative columnist whose work appears on the right-wing Town Hall has written this piece urging Donald Trump to pardon Jon Woods, the former King Rat of the Arkansas Senate whose smelly deals are too numerous to recount.


He’s serving an 18-year federal sentence in a bribery scheme, one of many foul deeds in a sprawling public corruption investigation that has ensnared at least five other Arkansas legislators, a former judge and various hand-maidens who, if not charged, bear a scarlet letter for their associations.

From Alexander’s point of view, Woods is just a victim of the libs. A sample of the craziness:


Now he needs to pardon Jon Woods, a conservative former Arkansas state legislator. Woods is serving an 18-year sentence for process crimes involving a Christian college. Sound familiar? The left loves to target conservatives involved with Christian activities, and if they can’t get them on real crimes, they get them on “process crimes.” Woods was found guilty of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. That’s right, no real crime, just the fact something was mailed, some phone calls were made and some money was spent. For example, “money laundering” sounds scary, but all it means is he used a cashier’s check to pay for something coming out of his own bank account (he was paying back someone for something unrelated) because it was a large check and the recipient required it.

This is just like what happened to former General Michael Flynn, Trump’s short-lived national security advisor.

She defends Ecclesia College, recipient of money it never should have received and all those who played along. Because see, they are “conservatives,” and all is forgiven if you are a Trumper, no matter how crooked. And Jon Woods was the FIRST Arkansas legislator to endorse the sociopath in chief. Waving a Bible helps, too. Writes Alexander:

This is a classic example of how the left operates on the dark side. They target conservatives, especially Christian conservatives, through the criminal justice system because they know the legal system is dominated by the left. Republican politicians have a bad habit of appointing judges who claim to be on the right but turn out to be sellouts more concerned about fitting in, as we saw recentlywith the SCOTUS decision against the Texas lawsuit over the presidential election.

Meanwhile, felons all over the country who have been convicted of murder and rape (with long rap sheets) are being released to home confinement due to COVID-19. The MSM will not report on the other side of these types of cases. The Flynn case is a breakthrough. The pushback is finally starting against this corrupt tactic. Trump has another opportunity to bring justice here.

This would be funny if the possibility of a pardon for a crook like Woods was not within the realm of possibility. Remember when Woods got some fellow federal inmates to volunteer to build Trump’s wall? Cons are Trump’s kind of people and you can be sure an interpleader is filling Trump in on the important facts.


An already successful pardon merchant, Bud Cummins, the Little Rock lawyer who helped spring Bud Suhl from prison, was Trump’s campaign leader in Arkansas. He also worked to raise money for Jeremy Hutchinson’s legal defense fund, before Hutchinson, son of a former GOP U.S. senator and nephew of the Republican governor, copped a plea for multiple felonious acts. I’m surprised Alexander didn’t work Young Jeremy Hutchinson into her brief of good Arkansas people victimized by a liberal justice system (even if the U.S. attorney who prosecuted Hutchinson was a Trump appointee.)

Cummins has declined to respond to my questions about other cases he might be pleading. In the next 23 days, we may find out.