There’s nothing worse, as a news editor, than having to tell someone with a compelling news tip, I’m sorry, but we don’t have the staff or time to take that on. I know that’s a situation editors across the state regularly find themselves facing, and it was a primary reason why I founded the Arkansas Nonprofit News Network.

ANNN’s focus is outside the daily news cycle. That means it often takes on stories on complicated topics that take weeks of reporting.


Through grants and donations, ANNN hires writers, editors and photographers to do public service and investigative journalism, which is provided for free to media across the state.

If you believe as I do that such journalism is vital to Arkansas, please consider a year-end donation to ANNN. We’re amid the final week of NewsMatch, a program where all donations are matched, and we’re nearing our goal.


ANNN has an ambitious 2021 planned under new editor Benji Hardy. Please help us realize it with a donation today.