There you go.

The governor finds a bright light in a drop in new cases of about 200 compared with yesterday.


Yesterday presented a lower number of new cases & higher testing than the day before. We also continue to receive & administer doses of vaccine throughout the state. It’s critical we work together to protect ourselves & our neighbors as this virus spreads.

The number hospitalized crept up as available ICU beds dwindled:

Current hospitalizations: 1,326


Total Beds: 8,951

Total Beds Available: 1,934


Total ICU Beds: 1,155

Total ICU Beds: 47

Total Vents: 1,097

Total Vents Available: 657


Total Covid patients in ICU: 427

Total Covid patients on vents: 218

The vaccine report? Doesn’t look like we’re moving it as quickly as we should.