A bit of downward drift in new case numbers continues, but the hospitalization tally continues at a record level and the death count continues to be high. Said the governor:


“Today’s report has 1,360 fewer cases than this time last week with higher testing. This good news is overshadowed by the loss of an additional 40 of our friends and neighbors. We all have a responsibility to our friends and neighbors to help slow the spread, and I hope you’ll join me as we continue to fight this invisible enemy.”

He was silent on the vaccination report. We are simply not getting the job done fast enough yet. At 7,000 shots a day (with two shots required for top protection) we are many months away from achieving anything approaching herd immunity. There are 600,000 in categories IA and IB in the current priority plan. That’s 1.2 million shots. At this rate, you’re talking six months before you get to the huge more general population. I hope Biden has a plan because the Trump/states plan isn’t getting there.


The hospital report at 2 p.m. today:

Current hospitalizations: 1,342


Total Beds: 8,924

Total Beds Available: 1,942

Total ICU Beds: 1,156

Total ICU Beds Available: 37


Total Vents: 1,103

Total Vents Available: 649

Total Covid patients in ICU: 439

Total Covid patients on vents: 219